Research Questions

Through our research we will learn more about:

  • Trust: who do communities trust in times of financial need
  • How do communities conceptualize formal and informal financial services; are their financial needs being effectively met through one of these avenues
    • Who does and who does not have access to these services and in what circumstances
      • How do people perceive/ define gaps
    • What are people’s perceptions about these avenues (positive or negative)
      • Would it benefit the community if more people had access to financial services
      • What influences perceptions of financial services
  • How does the loan process currently work (how are loans repaid? what are the terms/ requirements?)
  • What is the opportunity cost of traveling to the nearest location to receive government benefits
  • What motivates people to save money, what do they save for
  • What are the barriers to saving money
  • Do people feel excluded from financial services or government programs, do they feel that there is unequal access

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